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Our History

Our rice is born in ZIbido S. Giacomo, a small town in the Po Valley, halfway between Milan and Pavia, a splendid land for the richness of the soil and the harmony of the landscape; there are symmetrical rows of trees, green meadows and canals, where the gray herons are found.


The farmhouse dates back to 1400, it was built before the Naviglio Pavese, it has mills with which the rice was piled and the flour was ground.


During the war they were used to produce electricity. At that time rice was already being cultivated, the landscape gradually began to change, poplars were planted to obtain wood and paper;


Later it came back to the rice, naturally with the famous rice weeders, which between May and June sowed, transplanted and carried out the weeding of the weeds, which choked the newborn seedling.


Years go by, everything is mechanized and after the war there is a real green revolution, thanks to the joint use of modern agricultural machinery. Today we grow several varieties of rice including the “carnaroli”, which is famous for risotto, because its starch is rich in amylose, a substance that helps to make the grain consistent.


The rice history is largest and longest almost as much as the world...

Rices selected by the best Chef

 The uniqueness of our Carnaroli rice is due to several concomitant factors

  • the seed is 100% Carnaroli with certified DNA
  • the soil of our rices' fields is located in the heart of the Po Valley, an ideal territory extremely fertile and rich in water
  • we apply a totally handcrafted processing with slow husking made with a water mill grinder in order to avoid breaking or damaging the grain in any way

The combination of these characteristics made possible to produce excellent quality rice appreciated and recognized by the best Chefs in Milan and throughout Italy.


Indeed the rices of the Chicco del Mulino has been chosen by over an hundred of Chefs in the Milan area: you can taste it in many of the best restaurants and large hotels in the Milan Metropolitan Area ... or you can buy it, but only from us!


Our production is limited; we would not be able to offer it in shops or supermarkets: so we decided to offer it in retail only through this site.


If you love rice try it with confidence, we are sure we will not disappoint you